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ÜMİT METAL which has been engaged in metal processing sector since 1984, set up his new factory which occurs 1000 m2 closed area in Büsan private organized industry area, August 2006 with aim to meet needings his clients quickly and to increase his production capacity. At the same time our company maintains his production facilities in Anadolu industry area which occurs 2000 m2 closed area.

It makes cutting and selling of every kind of sheet,tin plate from 1 mm to 300 mm and cutting chrome-nickel from 1 mm to 25 mm with high-technology CNC-Oxygen, Hyperterm on high cutting sensitive HD3070, HPR130 and HPR260 plasma cutting machine tools as using AutoCad (DWG), Lantek, Fastplot, Fastcam and Columbus modern programs.

ÜMİT METAL has planed on to promote to product quality assurance, cutting quality assurance and reduce to minimum level defective product quantity. To achieve these aims. It has proved up with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.

ÜMİT METAL deals out to automotive industry, flour grinding and milling systems, agricultural machinery industry, hydraulic industry, mould and plastic injection sectors, agriculture industry, heating systems, furniture and marble Industry as providing product and semi-finished product.

Furthermore ÜMİT METAL,has begun to produce mold for locked cobblestones which are used to cover outdoor ground in 2007.

The level we reached in production, the quality of our products and our understanding of service made us the preferred firm.

Umit Metal offers its products with very competetive prices that are hard to resist. We produce all our products; with the best appropiate quality sheet iron, with the best cutting and having a long life.

The processes of all products of Umit Metal Trading Co.Ltd. from design to delivery, are done in a very sensitive way.


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Ümit Demir
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